August 26, 2016


REMOTE POSSIBILITIES: Telemedicine is expanding the reach of health care

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[Excerpt from ROTARY Magazine, December 2020]

RIGHT NOW, I CAN SEE ALL my patients through my mobile phone,” says Prakash Paudyal, a pulmonologist and member of the Rotary Club of Jawalakhel, Nepal. Paudyal uses a Kubi device to turn a tablet into a “mini-robot” for remote monitoring of his COVID-19 patients who are in isolation at Nepal National Hospital. Paudyal learned about the Kubi and other telehealth practices during a vocational training team trip to the San Francisco area last year. “I do one round with all my [protective] gear on, and then I see all my patients through this mini-robot,” he says, thankful that the Kubi helps protect him from exposure to the virus.

The use of telehealth has surged worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the United States, a study by McKinsey found that 46 percent of consumers are now using telehealth, up from 11 percent in 2019. Broadly defined, telehealth includes everything from virtual visits with a doctor to remote monitoring of a patient’s vitals to mobile health technologies…


Telemedicine Success Stories

Dr. James K. Gude explains the the use of telemedicine to extend critical care support to rural communities.

Innovation Nation Visits OffSite Care

Similar to the Discovery Channel, Innovation Nation is a Canadian TV show that focuses on technological breakthroughs. This segment focuses on how OffSite Care, a leading provider of telemedicine services, is improving the medical acuity and financial viability of rural hospitals in America.

Robotic Telemedicine in Action

A live demonstration of how telehealth provider OffSite Care successfully delivers intensivist consults to rural ICUs utilizing advanced robotic telemedicine.

Financial Benefits for Rural Hospitals

Physician Stories – Peter Bretan, MD

In this Physician Story, Dr. Bretan uses a robot to visit a hospital patient more than 100 miles away.

OSC Presentation pt.1

OffSite Care presentation on the effectiveness of telemedicine; includes case presentation and treatment of H1N1 swine flu patient; recorded 10/28/2009 at Sutter Hospital, Santa Rosa, CA.

OSC Presentation pt. 2

OSC Presentation pt. 3

OSC Presentation pt. 4

OSC Presentation pt. 5