August 26, 2016

Order Set Library and Authoring Tool

The HarmoniMD Configurable Order Set Library and Order Set Authoring and Workflow Tools enable health care organizations to efficiently create, approve, distribute, and implement up-to-date, evidenced-based order sets.

The Order Set Authoring and Workflow Tools are designed to enable you to create and maintain order sets, and to efficiently manage the approval and distribution process. After individual order sets are created, they are entered into the Order Set Library database, and can be accessed across the healthcare organization via the secure, HIPPA-compliant HarmoniMD Web site.
HarmoniMD’s system-generated order sets streamline the workflow for healthcare professionals tasked with writing orders and documenting patient care. Physicians enter data on the presenting patient’s symptoms and conditions, including the physical examination, diagnostic test results, and other patient encounter elements, and specific order sets are suggested by the system. The treating physician then decides which treatment course is most appropriate, customizes the appropriate order set to fit the needs of the patient, and is able to conveniently and accurately document the patient’s ongoing care.

Key order set content includes:

  • Extensive, customizable library of standards-based order sets, including patient care instructions.
  • Typical strength and unit values for medications, which can be quickly and easily customized for individual patients.
  • Automatic alerts regarding adverse drug-drug interaction and drug-contraindication when relevant conditions exist.
  • Drug allergy alerts through access to the extensive and continuously-updated drug database.
  • Comprehensive documentation of patient treatment and medication protocols.