August 26, 2016


Founded in 2007, OffSite Care is transforming rural healthcare by using cost-effective telemedicine solutions to deliver high-acuity medical care.

Whether your facility needs hospitalist services, ICU solutions, ER consults, or access to specialists, OffSite Care provides solutions that can increase both the standard of care and overall profitability.

OffSite Care teams your on-site medical staff with experienced specialists via telemedicine. Imagine being able to respond to a stroke and start treatment within fifteen minutes, instead of having to transport patients to another facility while the window of treatment is closing. Or how lives can be changed by offering breakthrough medical services, such as dialysis over the Internet.

24/7 access to the expert OffSite Care team can give your medical and nursing staff the support they need to safely treat critically-ill patients onsite, instead of transferring them to an urban center. Extending high-acuity medical services to rural facilities benefits patients by keeping them close to their families, and enables your hospital to provide necessary and profitable services to the local community.

OffSite Care currently supports programs in CA, OR, ID, and WY. We have physicians licensed in TN, NJ, AZ, WA, NV, FL to name a few, and willing to get licensed in any state necessary. OffSite Care offers programs to assist you in delivering Critical Care, Hospitalist Services, Infectious Disease management and a variety of other specialty services upon request.