August 26, 2016

Sub-Acute Telemedicine Services

In addition to medical services provided in the hospital environment, OffSite Care has developed advanced, yet economical telemedicine support options for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) and residential care facilities.

Ideal for preventing the cost, disruption, and possible injury of transporting elderly patients for non-emergency situations, the OffSite Care program provides an effective and timely way for doctors to provide consults via telemedicine in the sub-acute care environment.

The program provides member facilities with immediate access to on-call hospitalists and other OffSite Care resources, as well as critical care physicians and other specialists by appointment. Other key applications for the system include chronic disease management, as well as urgent care evaluations when internal support options are not sufficient.

  • Delivers videoconferencing capability with consulting medical personnel, reducing unnecessary patient transport to emergency rooms or attending physicians’ offices.
  • Provides medical consulting backup for facility staff, enabling them to treat patients more effectively and with increased confidence.
  • Offers experienced medical backup during night call hours, when less-experienced personnel are most likely to order unnecessary transfers.
  • Differentiates member facilities from competing organizations by providing the potential for better patient care
  • Enhances confidence of both physicians and family members in participating facilities.
  • Improves intra-facility communication among staff members.