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OffSite Care supports your on-site medical staff with experienced specialists via telemedicine.

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Telemedicine Services

Founded in 2007, OffSite Care is transforming healthcare by using cost-effective telemedicine solutions to deliver high-acuity medical care.

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About Us

We’re Setting The Standards In Telemedicine Services

Elevate your healthcare services with OffSite Care. Contact us to explore tailored solutions for ICU solutions, hospitalist services, ER consults, specialist access, and Long Term Acute Care hospital services (LTACH). Schedule a consultation for advanced and profitable healthcare solutions.

Offsite Care

Delivering Access to Health Through Modern Technology

OffSite Care provides tailored services, including ICU solutions, hospitalist care, ER consults, and access to specialists.

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Tailored Solutions

OffSite Care offers customized solutions for ICU solutions, hospitalist services, ER consults, and specialist access to enhance the standard of care and overall profitability.

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24/7 Emergency Support

With round-the-clock access to the skilled OffSite Care team, your medical and nursing staff can safely treat critically-ill patients on-site, reducing the need for transfers to urban centers.

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Transformative Medical Services

OffSite Care brings innovative services like Internet-based Infectious Disease, making a significant impact on patient lives.

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Geographic Reach

Headquartered in California, OffSite Care boasts 20 operational sites in state, and a network of doctors licensed across multiple states, dedicated to servicing hospitals nationwide with unparalleled medical expertise.

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Our Services

We have been serving customers since 2007

Founded in 2007, OffSite Care is transforming healthcare by using cost-effective telemedicine solutions to deliver high-acuity medical care. We make the practice of medicine better for the patient, better for their families, better for the community, and better for the financial health of the hospital.


Reducing Provider Burnout and Improving Patient Physician and Nursing Satisfaction

Embark on the future of healthcare with OffSite Care. Experience the impact of innovative telemedicine solutions tailored to your evolving needs. Contact us today to elevate patient care, reduce costs, and keep healthcare local. Your journey to a seamlessly connected and forward-looking healthcare experience begins with OffSite Care.

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Our Happy Clients

Hear from individuals, healthcare professionals, and organizations who've chosen OffSite Care for its commitment to advancing healthcare and setting new standards.

Shaun Wastson Project Manager

"OffSite Care's telemedicine solutions have revolutionized our healthcare facility. Their swift response to critical situations, 24/7 expert support, and innovative approach have set a new standard. We appreciate their dedication to advancing healthcare, ensuring efficient and localized patient care."

Mary Holmes Director of Operations

"Choosing OffSite Care was a game-changer for me. Their telemedicine solutions not only provided timely responses in critical moments but also ensured 24/7 expert support. As a 30-year-old navigating healthcare, their innovative approach resonates with my need for efficiency and accessibility. OffSite Care has truly redefined the healthcare experience for me, and I'm grateful for the personalized and advanced care they bring to the table."

Jemmy Housten CTO

"OffSite Care has been a strategic partner for our healthcare technology initiatives. As a 38-year-old CTO, their telemedicine solutions have not only impressed with their efficiency in critical situations but have also aligned seamlessly with our technological goals. The 24/7 expert support ensures a robust healthcare infrastructure. OffSite Care's innovative approach has significantly contributed to elevating our healthcare technology landscape, and we look forward to continued collaboration for advanced, tech-driven healthcare delivery."

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