March 18, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Offsite Care?
    OffSite Care teams your on-site medical staff with experienced specialists via telemedicine.  OffSite Care team can give your medical and nursing staff the support they need to safely treat critically-ill patients onsite, instead of transferring them to an urban center. 

  • What services are available?
    OffSite Care offers
    To learn more and take advantage of these services, please contact us.


  • Who can make use of telemedicine?
    List health care professionals?  Intensivists, Medical Doctors, Nurses?
  • What is Global Offsite Care?
    Global Offsite Care is a nonprofit founded by a group of Rotarians and supporters who are enthusiastic about spreading the benefits of telemedicine worldwide to provide high quality care to the underserved using affordable technology.

    What is telemedicine?
    MD, prescriptions
    Telemedicine is making doctor to doctor, or doctor to patient interaction possible through the Internet, video chat or other electronic means. 
  • What equipment is used to practice telemedicine?
    varies from high-end robotic devices, devices that allow shared use of stethoscopes, ultrasound probes and other diagnostic tools in real time.  It is also possible to practice telemedicine using less sophisticated tools such as email with images as attachments or even fax.

  • What is tele-health?
    clinical/outpatient, broader scope of 
    a way for patients to send their vital signs or other data to their doctor, clinic or hospital from home.

  • What is telemonitoring or remote monitoring?

    Having fixed video cameras in the ICU to remote doctors can see what is going on and catch errors or omissions in patient treatment.  It does not allow for patient interaction with the remote doctor.

  • E-ICU, Remote ICU