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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

OSC is technology agnostic. We will use your equipment if it meets the standards or we can make a recommendation for something that fits your hospital’s specific coverage needs. If desired, OSC can bundle services and technology in one contract for one combined price.

For acute care hospitals OSC will partner with Anesthesia, Emergency, or Surgical specialists to put in a chest tube, intubate, etc. For LTACHs the patient would be transferred to an Emergency Room.

OSC has one phone number to call for all customers to our call center. Operators know who is on-call for each hospital under contract. If the provider is immediately available the operator will connect in real time. If they are seeing another patient the operator will take the pertinent information and follow protocol for second contact or back-up provider.

While each hospital’s situation is unique, typically our coverage by Telemedicine can be a third or one half, or more, then the cost of an in-person program.

Yes, our providers will be fully credentialed in your facility and therefore, a finite panel of physicians will be assigned to your account. Typically, anywhere from 5-7 depending on 12 or 24 hour service coverage.

OSC has a huge network of boarded physicians across the county. We will either recruit from those that have a license in your state or obtain licenses for a subset of our team in your state, or a combination of both.

Typically medical staff credentialing at your hospital is the rate limiting factor to starting a new program. Usually 60-90 days is the average time to launch.

Yes, our team will chart in your EMR any notes pertinent to the patient’s care and write orders in your EMR. Our team is familiar with many different brands of electronic health records.

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